Monday, August 16, 2010

Trade show set up videos

Northwest Creative Imaging just launched the first round of trade show display set up videos to help our customers in finding the perfect display. Most customers are concerned about how easy a display is to assemble before they buy it, and our comprehensive set up videos are very helpful in determining set up times. We host all of our videos on YouTube so they can be accessed everywhere including at the trade show. OneFabric displays are one of our most popular products and the set up video shows how easy they are to assemble. We also just introduced the Waveline display which is a little more difficult to assemble but still very easy. We will continue to keep adding to the site and eventually have set up videos for all of our products. Stay tuned to our site for all the most current trade show products. Truss displays will be available shortly with great pricing and a large selection!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Why do companies fail?

Every year, especially in the last couple of years, thousands of established companies either liquidate or file bankruptcy. It is remarkable that so many established businesses that were once successful, simply become irrelevant and loose everything. There can be many causes, but one fatal business management error that has been amplified by this economic crisis is inefficient labor and underpaid talent. There are many companies that manage their employees pay based on what is "fair" or "equal" as opposed to merit or value. In many companies there is a lot of waste in overpaid lower level employees and underpaid upper lever employees that actually bring in money. When times were good it was very easy to keep employees around because they had been with the company for a long time or were close to retirement, even if they did not produce value for the company. Now that revenue's are down, bloated payrolls are feeling the pressure from tight budgets and deficits. This has also caused a lot of employers to underpay or restrict pay from higher level employees that actually have the talent to get them through this tough economic climate. This has cause a surge of new companies being formed and employees changing companies.

Why do companies fail? One key reason is wasteful payroll management. Paying too much for non-producers and not enough for talent is a determining factor in the health of any company. The math simply doesn't work out. If one employee is pulling the weight of 5 non-producers, then eventually the one producer will leave or stop producing, creating a payroll of 6 employees and no revenue. Once that management style is implemented it is just a matter of time before a snowball effect occurs and the entire company crumbles. This is usually caused by poor upper management and uniformed decision makers.

What can you do? If your company is experiencing these same problems then stand up to management and show them the path of the company. If they are unresponsive it would be wise to find a new place to work before you are forced out of your job. Usually companies that mismanage employee payroll have many other issues that will also lead to failure.

What does this have to do with trade show displays? Not much, but its very important business advice in a tough economy!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Trade Show Displays

Trade show displays in general are portable graphic, fabric, or laminate systems that are ideal for events such as trade shows. They are also used for almost any event that requires a portable product such as marketing and networking events. In the past 10 years trade show displays have expanded into many other styles and shapes. Pop up displays used to be the most popular choice because they are highly portable and fairly inexpensive. Now there are many other options including Hop Up displays and Waveline display systems that are even more affordable and portable. This has also helped the online trade show industry take off. Most brick and mortar trade show display retailers are having to find new ways of expanding market share because, for the most part, showrooms are becoming irrelevant and too costly for most companies. Price point is so key in the industry that most customers will work with a company with a low price instead of a company with a higher price and a showroom. This change in the last 10 years has made most companies with showrooms move towards the higher end, custom displays market while most internet based companies provide the low cost items. As the industry matures and new, innovative ideas are created, most custom displays will be purchased online as well.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Coyote Pop Up Displays

The Coyote pop up displays section is finally underway on the Northwest Creative Imaging web site. We have put together a pop up display package that combines the best frame in the industry with the best graphics in the industry. Basically, if you are looking for the best in quality and clarity, the Coyote pop up display from Northwest Creative Imaging is the way to go. Usually a product of this quality will cost you much more than a standard system, but our system is priced around the same as most standard pop up systems with lower quality frames and graphics. The Coyote frame has been around since 2001 and has become one of the most popular pop up display frames because of its very simple and basic design that works very well and is extremely durable. The frame has a lifetime warranty, while maintaining a very low defect rate. The graphics that are included with all of our Coyote kits are high definition Lambda graphics which are the highest resolution trade show graphics available. These graphics usually cost quite a bit extra because of the quality and durability, but Northwest Creative Imaging is offering this entire kit at the same price as most premium display packages. We will be expanding this line continuously so stay tuned to our site for more updates!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Premium banner stands on sale!

The current economic climate has caused many companies to cut costs. In the trade show industry this usually means purchasing economy products instead of premium products. Northwest Creative Imaging has recognized this and put our premium banner stands on sale. During June all premium quality banner stands will be 5% off to help customers with the cost of trade show exhibiting. We have many different options available including adjustable banner stands, retractable banner stands, and banner stands with interchangeable cartridges. Many people are staying away from the premium quality products because of their high price point, but Northwest Creative Imaging offers these products and very low prices making them more affordable to the average exhibitor. We also have a full selection of economy banners that are very affordable and available in large quantities. Please stay tuned to our sales on trade show displays page for all the current sales and new products in the trade show industry!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

OneFabric Displays on Sale!

Northwest Creative Imaging has just introduced a new summer sale for OneFabric displays! Currently the 8 foot curved model only includes free LED lighting with the purchase of a frame and graphic package. It is currently posted on our sales on trade show displays page.

The OneFabric display is a quality product manufactured by Brandstand America. The graphic is printed in China for maximum cost savings without sacrificing quality. The frame comes with a limited lifetime warranty and is designed to last for many uses. There are many sizes and shapes available to fit any booth space. The compact design of the display system is ideal for traveling and dramatically reduces shipping costs. Assembly is very easy because the fabric graphic stays attached to the frame at all times so the entire display can be set up in minutes.

Stay tuned to Northwest Creative Imaging for more great deals on trade show displays!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Great Values from Northwest Creative Imaging

Northwest Creative Imaging has been expanding so drastically that many products with amazing value can be easily overlooked. Although NWCI offers every product at a great price, there are some products that are incredible values. The product that fits this description the best is the Hop Up display. This display system is one of the most popular, durable, and effective displays available. Northwest Creative Imaging offers this products for over $300 less than our closest competitor. Another great product is Waveline display. Overall this is one of best value in the trade show industry. The full proof frame design and printed graphic are offered at incredible prices and there is even a good warranty to back it up.

Banner stands are still a very popular option and Northwest Creative Imaging carries hundreds of different models and sizes. They are available in economy, basic and premium lines to make it easier for customers to find banners in their price range. We also offer a large selection of retractable banner stands and outdoor banner stands. The best value in the entire line up is the Orient banner stand. This banner is reasonably priced and includes very good hardware and a high quality graphic.